Create Web Services with PHP5 in minutes. InstantSVC (pronounced as Instant Services) provides a set of tools to ease your development. You just need to document your object oriented PHP code with PHPDocumentor in order to generate Web Services from it - SOAP Services as well as RESTful Web Services.

Features of InstantSVC include:

  • Extended Reflection API with information about data types
  • Annotations for PHP
  • WSDL generator conform to WS-I Basic Profile
  • Document/literal adapter generator
  • Handler chain mechanism for SOAP processing
  • Implementation of WS-Security and Username Token Profile
  • Server for RESTful Web Services
  • Administration tool for convenient creation and management of SOAP and REST servers

One of the main components to achieve such a high level of automation is an extension of the Reflection API introduced with PHP5. Simply named Extended Reflection API this component makes use of PHPDoc to bring type information and annotations to PHP and enables the development of tools depending on such information. One of the most common applications is the automation of building interoperable Web Services.

Project Ressources

We very much welcome anyone who would like to contribute to the project, either as a developer with SVN access or by simply sending patches, bug reports, or suggestions for improvement. We have created a mailing list: instantsvc-general at lists dot sourceforge dot net which should be used for all communication about InstantSVC.

Please use our SourceForge project page to Download InstantSVC, report bugs, subscribe to the mailing list, etc.

At our documentation page and in our Subversion repository you can find various papers, tutorials, presentations and architecture diagrams.


Access Control in Service Oriented Architectures

In large inter-organizational service-oriented environments access control is still a field of research. One approach to tackle several problems in this field is Task-Role Based Access Control (T-RBAC). We have build a example application demonstrating the appliance of T-RBAC inside a Service Oriented Architecture using the Enterprise Service Bus Apache ServiceMix, InstantSVC and the Apache ODE BPEL Engine. A short introduction and a tutorial to setup this prototype implementation for further research is available, too.

on 2007-09-30 by gron

Back at FrOSCon

Tomorrow, at August 26th 2007, we are giving a talk about InstantSVC at the PHP subconference at the FrOSCon, like last year. Therefore, we released new snapshots of the Reflection, CodeAnalyzer and CodeTool components, which can be downloaded from If your around the corner, we would be happy to see you at our talk to discuss the latest development.

on 2007-08-25 by gron

Extended Reflection API - Transition to ezComponents Style

New snapshots released on SourceForge. This snapshots is the first release using the ezComponents file structure and PHP's autoload mechanism. Test cases have been added and some bugs are fixed, too. Furthermore, additions to the reflection api since php 5.1.2 have been implemented.

on 2006-09-22 by gron

Extended Reflection API - First Public Snapshot

On our new SourceForge project a first public snapshot is available for download. It is an export of the Extended Reflection API as of revision 385 in the SVN Repository. It is meant to get a first impression of it. The Type System and Annotation Features are completed and can be fully used. File and class names may be be refactored in later releases, but the API itself should be almost final.

Download Snapshots

on 2006-09-06 by gron

InstantSVC goes online

The new home is up and running. Now we've got a full SVN and Trac infrastructure and we'll process with the development. Our plans with InstantSVC and open task or bugs will be available via the Roadmap page and Ticket System of Trac. Material from the old page at has been moved to the Doc-Section.

on 2006-08-23 by gron

InstantSVC in the PHP-Room at FrOSCon

The first public talk about our little project has been at the FrOSCon on 24.06.2006 11:00 at Sankt Augustin, Germany. Just to remember this and give thanks to the nice guys from the PHPUgDo.

on 2006-08-23 by gron