Code Tools

For working with large PHP applications some tools to check source metrics are necessary to keep an idea of the overall code quality beside automated unit tests.

Design description

The code tools are build on top of the CodeAnalyzer component. They provided various functionality in terms of quality hints and problem detection on source code level.


If your using PHPDoc to comment your code, this tool will help you to find missing or incomplete comments. It checks whether all code structures are properly documented and prints out all found flaws.

Usage: checkDocuFlaws <SOURCE_FOLDER> [-w] [-wm]

-w only webservices will be listed -wm only web- and rest-methods will be listed

The options -w and -wm can be used to report only flaws in web service code.


This reporting tool calculates various code metrics and prints out a HTML report.

Usage: $ codestats-report.php [-h] [-s] [[--] <args>] Colects stats and metrics for a given source tree or file.

-h / --help Show this help. -s / --summary Only Summary

With e.g., php codestats-report.php . > report.html a report of code in the current directory and all subdirectories is created and written into the file report.html.

The tool is using the file tpls\codestats.tpl as a template. If desired, this template could be easily customized.


This tool generates an interface overview for a given file. All classes and functions inside these file will be printed like in the documentation.

Usage: $ interface-def.php <file> [outputfile]

Output file is optional, if omitted, results are written to stdout.

Deprecated Tools

These tools are out dated and are not maintained any longer because they are build with wrong the assumptions in mind to work on PHP 4.0 code with hard source file dependencies using require and include.

The tools should do their job for this kind of code, but because of the security flaws, they come with, they are not suggested to be used. Keep in mind that to verify the source base with these tools, all files are included in one php process and all executable code is processed without filtering problematic methods out in any way. Deprecated

  • checkDependencies
  • checkDependecy
  • checkSourceTree