The source code is available at source:/trunk/ It is structured as follows:

+---doc                - contains german tutorials
|   +---bookmarks      - example of a REST Services
|   +---reflection     - example of using the Reflection API
|   \---teletask       - complex example of a SOAP Service
|   +---config         - configuration files for the examples
|   +---genesis-core   - used library for example database access
|   +---misc           - libraries for different purpose
|   |                    class.codeAnalyzer.php: collects information 
|   |                    about all php files in a sourcetree
|   |
|   \---reflection     - all files of the Extended Reflection API
|   +---libs
|   |   +---Generators - the generators for WSDL, WrappedAdapter and rest/soap deployment
|   |   |           
|   |   +---SecureClient - client library with WS-Security User Token Profile support
|   |   |           
|   |   +---Server     - server files for SOAP and REST Server
|   |   |       
|   |   \---UserTokenProfile - current UTP Implementation for SOAP Servers
|   |               
|   +---templates      - templates for the web based Admin Tool
|   |           
|   \---tools          - command line tools for generating REST Services 
|       |                or analyse source documentation
|       |   
|       \---admin-tool - web based Admin Tool for generating SOAP Services
\---testing            - additional interoperability tests with i.e. Java Axis


InstantSVC Talks

First InstantSVC TalkWeb Service Toolkit for PHP5 (english)
Slides as PDF
file size: 1.18MB

Erster Vortrag über InstantSVCWeb Service Toolkit für PHP5 (german)
Präsentationsfolien im PDF-Format
Größe: 1.12MB

Articles & White Papers

At the moment there are only german versions of our articles and white papers available.

Web Services with eZ Components: A Design ProposalWeb Services with eZ Components v1.0 (english)
Ausarbeitung im PDF-Format
Größe: 740KB

Ausarbeitung über die Realisierung einer Web Service Facade mit PHP5Web-Service-Toolkit-fuer-PHP5.pdf
Ausarbeitung im PDF-Format
Größe: 911KB

Eine Einführung in XML Web ServicesEinführung in XML Web Services
Ch. Hartmann, M. Sprengel, M. Perscheid, G. Gabrysiak, F. Menge. Okt. 2005
Größe: 586KB

Konzeption der Web Service Facade für PHP5Web Services Facade for PHP5 - Konzeption
Andreas Meyer, Sebastian Böttner, Stefan Marr
Größe: 184KB

Artikel über die Erstellung von RESTful Web Services RESTful Web Services

Stefan Marr, Januar 2006